In this post, I show how one can interact with a dataset and generate graphs on the fly (technically, I’ve predetermined which graphs to create, but it should not be difficult to build a menu of possible graphs). I am using the services provided by RStudio for hosting this app through the shiny server. Thanks a ton for this opportunity and the wonderful set of tools you have. For this, I use data from slides on Bloomberg businessweek’s site on the characteristics of the best cities of US in 2012.

1.Generating bar plots and/or dot plots of any variable you choose (from the preloaded data).

2.Comparing distributions of two different variables (can be extended to more than 2 variables) using their bar graphs (can use other graphs as well).

3.Exploring the relationship between two different variables for cities of different ranks.Scatter plots of rank of cities, by two variables.

4.Extending the above scatter plot to simultaneously see two scatter plots and four variables.

Interactive Charts using htmlwidgets

Published on November 10, 2015

Display of Geographic Data in R

Published on August 18, 2015