This site was initially hosted on the blogger platform at http://analyticsandvisualization.blogspot.com and has now been migrated on to a Jekyll/GitHub platform. In the migration process, I may have tweaked the first few sentences of few of my posts to take advantage of the newer features this platform provides. The purpose of this site is three-fold.
  1. To provide a venue to comment on issues that I find important, such as health care, crime, poverty, business/economics, and education. In these comments, I use a data-driven approach (primarily using R) to highlight a specific issue.
  2. To provide a good blogging platform. My reason for switching from blogger was that it was not connected with my work-flow for the production of blog posts. Given that my work now involves writing in R markdown, I am hoping this serves me well.
  3. Provide a listing of technical resources to people interested in R and other packages that I have found useful.